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kotti_grid 0.1a2

grid widget for Kotti

Add a grid widget to you Kotti site.

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To activate the kotti_grid add-on in your Kotti site, you need to add an entry to the kotti.configurators setting in your Paste Deploy config. If you don’t have a kotti.configurators option, add one. The line in your [app:main] (or [app:kotti], depending on how you setup Fanstatic) section could then look like this:

kotti.configurators =

Please note that kotti_grid depends on kotti_settings, so you have to list it in your kotti.configurators too.

kotti_grid extends your Kotti site with a widget where you have add a grid of tiles that can be added, removed, reordered, coloured and filled with content. The draggable tiles in kotti_grid are build with gridster and use the query plugin colorpicker, both are packed as fanstatic packages, here js jquery_colorpicker and js gridster.

Do I have settings for it?

You have different settings to adjust kotti_grid to your needs.

You can choose the slot and the context where the widget will be shown. Also you can set the dimension of the tile and the margins between the tiles. The settings will be used for new and existing tiles when you save the settings.

How to use it?

Here you see the different options that are currently exist to change the tiles.

When you access the site with the edit permission the tiles are draggable. In every tile you have four icons. With the first one you can rearrange the position of the tile. The second opens a second window with a navigation browser where you can choose the content for the tile, with the third one you can choose the background color of the tile and with the forth one you can delete the tile. Be sure to click on “Save tiles”, otherwise the changes will not persist on a reload of the page.

With the plus sign on the right of the “Save tiles” button you create a new tile. Choose the size of the new widget and click on the button “Add”. To include your new tile in the grid and to use the tile options you have to save the tiles.



  • Added settings for the grid.
  • Move initialization of the grid to the template.
  • Added some documentation in the README.
  • Added new form settings to the gridbrowser.
  • Added experimental feature to enable resizing of the grid to use it in responsive layouts.
  • Added german translations.


  • Initial release.
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