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kotti_twitter 0.5

Add twitter widgets to your Kotti site

This is an extension to the Kotti CMS that allows you to add Twitter widgets to your Kotti site.

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Setting up a profile widget

To set up the profile widget to display on every page in Kotti on the right hand side, add kotti_twitter.include_profile_widget to the pyramid.includes setting in your Paste Deploy config:

pyramid.includes = kotti_twitter.include_profile_widget

To set the name of the user for which the widget is shown, set the kotti_twitter.profile_widget.user variable. An example with some other variables:

pyramid.includes = kotti_twitter.include_profile_widget
kotti_twitter.profile_widget.user = dnouri
kotti_twitter.profile_widget.loop = true
kotti_twitter.profile_widget.tweets_links = #00ff00

Setting up a search widget

The search widget is very similar to the profile widget, but instead of a user, it expects a search. An example configuration:

pyramid.includes = kotti_twitter.include_search_widget = #pylons #pyramid
kotti_twitter.search_widget.title = Pylons Project news
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