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kss.plugin.timer 1.1

Timer plugin for KSS


This package provides a timer plugin for KSS. The plugin will manage starting, stopping and displaying a timer through KSS actions, with parameters for formatting the time display.

Changelog for kss.plugin.timer

1.1 (2012-09-12)

1.0 (2010-09-23)

  • Nothing changed yet.

0.2 (2009-01-07)

  • Made slightly nicer README.txt file, and added README.txt and HISTORY.txt to package information, as ‘long_description’. [simon]
  • Copied format parameters to the update event, so that timers that weren’t started on this page can still be formatted. [simon]
  • Fixed nasty problem where the timer got restarted after performing a server action. [maurits]
  • Added support for preventdefault on the timer events ‘start’, ‘stop’ and ‘reset’ - a bit awkward since preventing the defaults on those events actually means preventing the click defaults on the nodes for which the events are registered, but that’s a consequence of the strange event implementation in timer. [guido_w]
  • Fixed problem that made that only one timer could run at the same time, added an option to automatically start a timer, optionally with a start time (severely abusing kssattr for this… it seems like it makes sense though). [guido_w]
  • Added ‘reset’ event, fixed problem with clicking the start button multiple times, added rudimentary unit tests (using jsbase’s py.test support, hacked to work with ‘plain’ unittest). [guido_w]
  • Added support for two seperate ‘displayformat’ config vars: one for when the time hasn’t passed an hour, and one for when it has. Also fixed a set of bugs in padding (pad when X < 9 instead of 10?!?) and second display (was showing the total number of seconds for %S instead of the number of seconds in the current minute). [guido_w]
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