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lava-celery 0.4

Celery integration for LAVA Server

Latest Version: 0.4.1

LAVA celery sets up a celery environment in which LAVA can execute celery tasks on remote systems.


control node
This is node set up by lava-deployment-tool. Its running the web app, database, and important to this the RabbitMQ server.
worker node
A node (remote or local) that will handle celery job requests from the control node.

Setting Up The Worker Node

lava-deployment-tool currently does not have support for configuring a celery instance. For now it can be configured using virtualenv and pip:

$ virtualenv workernode ; cd workernode
$ . ./bin/activate
$ pip install lava-tool
$ bzr branch lp:lava-celery
$ cd lava-celery ; ./ install ; cd ..

You’ll probably also want something like the dispatcher set up in your worker node:

$ pip install lava-dispatcher

You can then run your worker in the virtualenv with:

$ lava celryd [--url <broker url>]

Testing the Setup

You can test that your worker node responds to job requests by running the following from your control node:

$ . /srv/lava/<INSTANCE>/bin/activate
$ lava celery run-remote hello-world
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