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lava-test 0.12

LAVA test execution framework

Latest Version: 0.14

Lava-test is an automated testing framework with pre-defined tests and the ability to define additional tests as needed. Tests can be automatically installed, executed, and the results can be parsed and uploaded to an external server.

How to install from the source code

  1. Run: ./ install

How to setup from the source code for development

  1. Run: ./ develop –user

NOTE: You will get an error regarding “ImportError: No module named versiontools”. It is a know error. The workaround is run the again

  1. Run: ./ develop –user

This will put your development branch is in the python path and the scripts in <home>/.local/bin

  1. Add <home>/.local.bin in your PATH

To install built-in tests

  1. Run: lava-test list-tests
  2. Run: lava-test install <test>

To install tests inside a python package

  1. Get the test code from bzr branch lp:~linaro-graphics-wg/+junk/linaro-graphics-wg-tests
  2. Install the tests into python packages manager. ./ install
  3. Run: lava-test list-tests

To install test define with a json file

  1. Run: lava-test register-test file://localhost/<..>/examples/stream.json
  2. Run: lava-test list-tests
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