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lava-tool 0.11.1

Command line utility for Linaro validation services


This source package contains the command-line tool for interacting with the various services built by the Linaro ( Infrastructure Team.

Note that this package only contains the core tool; to actually interact with a service you’ll need to install a corresponding plugin. XXX explain where to get some plugins.




Dealing with jobs

$ lava job new file.json # creates file.json from a template $ lava job submit file.json # submits file.json to a remote LAVA server $ lava job run file.json # runs file.json on a local LAVA device

Dealing with LAVA Test Shell Test Definitions

$ lava testdef new file.yml # creates file.yml from a template $ lava testdef submit file.yml # submits file.yml to a remote LAVA server $ lava testdef run file.yml # runs file.yml on a local LAVA device

Dealing with LAVA Test Shell Scripts

$ lava script submit SCRIPT # submits SCRIPT to a remote LAVA server $ lava script run SCRIPT # runs SCRIPT on a local LAVA device

Bash completion

Once lava-tool is installed, you can turn bash completion on for the lava and lava-tool programs with the following commands (which you can also paste in your ~/.bashrc):

eval “$(register-python-argcomplete lava)” eval “$(register-python-argcomplete lava-tool)”

Then if you type for example “lava-tool su<TAB>”, it will complete that “su” with “submit-job” for you.

Reporting Bugs

All bugs should be reported to the launchpad project at

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