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lcd2usb 1.0

LCD2USB's Python Library

LCD2USB's Python Library




The LCD2USB's Python Library is a Pure-python wrapper for LCD2USB which provide a simple way to control your LCD2USB display device. LCD2USB is a open source/open hardware project to connect HD44780 based text LCD displays to various PCs via USB.


Connect a lcd2usb device is easy:

>>> from lcd2usb import LCD
>>> lcd = LCD()
Found LCD2USB device on bus 004 device 004.

Get lcd2usb firmware version:

>>> lcd.version
(1, 9)

Write something on the screen:

>>> lcd.write('Hello, LCD2USB!')

Clean screen and wirte some on the 2nd row:

>>> lcd.clear()
>>> lcd.goto(0, 1)
>>> lcd.write('Flying with PYTHON')

Or simpler:

>>> lcd.write('Flying with PYTHON', 0, 1)

Define a custom smile symbol and display it on the center of first row (on a 4x20 display):

>>> from lcd2usb import SMILE_SYMBOL
>>> lcd.define_char(0, SMILE_SYMBOL)
>>> lcd.write('\0', 9, 0)

That it!

If you need a quickly running test for your device, use this:

python -m lcd2usb



Installation is done just as for any other Python library. Using the pip or easy_install command from setuptools is the easiest:

pip install lcd2usb


easy_install install lcd2usb
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