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leaf 1.0

Simple Python library for HTML parsing

Latest Version: 1.0.3

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What is this?
This is a simple wrapper around lxml, which adds some nice features,
which make work with lxml better. This library covers all my needs in
html parsing.

`lxml <http:""/>`_ obviously :3

* Nice jquery-like css selectors
* Simple access to element attributes
* Easy way for convert html to other format (bbcode, markdown, etc)
* Few nice functions for work with text
* And, of course this saves all original features of lxml

Main function of module (as I mind) is leaf.parse, this function takes string with
html as an argument, and returns leaf.Parser object, which wraps lxml object.
With this object you can do anything you want, like this::

document = leaf.parse(sample)
links = document('div#menu a') # get links in div with id menu through css selectors

Or you can do this::

link = document.get('div#menu a') # get first link or return None

And you can get attributes from these results like this::

print link.onclick

Anyway, you can use standard lxml methods like object.xpath, and they returns results
wrapped into leaf.Parser.
So, my favorite feature is parsing html into bbcode (markdown, etc)::

# Lets define simple formatter, which pass text
# and wraps links into [url][/url] (like bbcode)
def omgcode_formatter(element, children):
# Replace
tag with line break
if element.tag == 'br':
return '\n'
# Wrap links into [url][/url]
if element.tag == 'a':
return u"[url=link}]{text}[/url]".format(link=element.href, text=children)
# Return children only for other elements.
if children:
return children

This function will be recursively called with element and children (this is string with
children parsing result).
So, lets call this parser in some leaf.Parser object::


More detailed examples availible in the tests.

Finally, this library has some nice functions for work with text:

*to_unicode* -- Convert string to unicode string

*strip_accents* -- Strip accents from a string

*strip_symbols* -- Strip ugly unicode symbols from a string

*strip_spaces* -- Strip excess spaces from a string

*strip_linebreaks* -- Strip excess line breaks from a string
Change log

- add python3 support
- first production release

- fix inner_html method
- added **kwargs to the parse function, added inner_html method to the Parser class
- cssselect in deps

- Node attribute modification via node.href = '/blah'
- Custom default value for get: document.get(selector, default=None)
- Get element by index: document.get(selector, index)

- bool(node) returns True if element exists and False if element is None

- First public version  
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
leaf-1.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-03-10 5KB