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leap.mail 0.4.2

Mail Services provided by Bitmask, the LEAP Client.

Mail services for the LEAP Client.

More info:

running tests

Use trial to run the test suite:

trial leap.mail

… and all its goodies. To run all imap tests in a loop until some of them fails:

trial -u leap.mail.imap

Read the trial manpage for more options .

imap regressions

For testing the IMAP server implementation, there are a couple of utilities. From the leap.mail.imap.tests folder, and with an already initialized server running:

./regressions_mime_struct user@provider pass path_to_samples/

You can find several message samples in the leap/mail/tests folder.

0.4.1 - 18 Apr, 2016


  • #7656: Emit multi-user aware events.
  • #4008: Add token-based authentication to local IMAP/SMTP services.
  • #7889: Use cryptography instead of pycryptopp to reduce dependencies.
  • #7263: Implement local bounces to notify user of SMTP delivery errors.
  • Use twisted.cred to authenticate IMAP/SMTP users.
  • Verify plain text signed email.
  • Validate signature with attachments.
  • Use fingerprint instead of key_id to address keys.


  • #7861: Use the right succeed function for passthrough encrypted email.
  • #7898: Fix IMAP fetch headers
  • #7977: Decode attached keys so they are recognized by keymanager.
  • #7952: Specify openssl backend explicitely.
  • Fix the get_body logic for corner-cases in which body is None (yet-to-be synced docs, mainly).
  • Let the inbox used in IncomingMail notify any subscribed Mailbox.
  • Adds user_id to Account (fixes Pixelated mail leakage).


  • Change IMAPAccount signature, for consistency with a previous Account change.
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