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Wikipedia Top Finder plugin for Legobot

Wikipedia Top Finder

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Ever wish you could do an "I'm feeling lucky" search on Wikipedia right
from chat? Want to be able to pull up a wikipedia link right there in
the group and settle the debate once and for all? This module will
search the English langauge Wikipedia for the query you provide and
return the URL for the top matching page.


This lego listens for ``!wtf`` at the beginning of a message and
processes everything after it as a query.

Example: ``!wtf python`` will return


``pip3 install``

This is a Lego designed for use with
`Legobot <https:"" bbriggs="" legobot="">`__, so you'll get Legobot
along with this. To deploy it, import the package and add it to the
active legos like so:

.. code:: python

# This is the legobot stuff
from Legobot import Lego
# This is your lego
from import WikipediaTopFinder

# Legobot stuff here
lock = threading.Lock()
baseplate = Lego.start(None, lock)
baseplate_proxy = baseplate.proxy()

# Add your lego


While you can use this one as-is, you could also add a localized version
to your Legobot deployment by grabbing ` <legos"">`__ and
deploying is as a local module. `Example of a Legobot instance with
local modules <https:"" voxpupuli="" thevoxfox=""/>`__


As always, pull requests are welcome.

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