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Generate attribution and license messages from RDF metadata

libcredit aims to simplify extracting attribution information for creative works from RDF metadata and formatting at as human-readable credit line in various contexts.

RDF metadata

Attribution is retrieved from RDF data by looking for predefined core properties in the graph. The properties include a subset of Dublin Core, Creative Commons, XHTML vocabularies and other site-specific properties (Open Graph, Flickr, etc.).

The process used to extract a credit line from the metadata is documented here (and you are welcome to contribute thoughts there, as well as code to this library):

Some things described in that process have not yet been implemented, as indicated by open issues:

### CopyRDF addon for Firefox

CopyRDF firefox addon developed by converts RDFa metadata found in various media hosting platforms to RDF. See the addon's README for a list of tested websites and usage instructions:

Implementation and usage

libcredit is currently written for Python and JavaScript. See files for instructions and usage examples for the libcredit implementations in these languages.

The language-specific implementations are distributed as individual files, but all are maintained in single repository at github:


Copyright 2013 Commons Machinery

Distributed under an GPLv2 license, please see LICENSE in the top dir.


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