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libmunin 0.05a

Fancy library for music recommendations, based on datamining algorithms

Latest Version: 0.06



This library is in a very early developement stage and far from being usable.

libmunin is a fancy music recommendations library which is based on datamining algorithms of all kind. Bonus: It’s able to learn from you! I write it for my bachelor thesis and therefore it’s still in developement.

Documentation is build on every commit

Tests are run on every commit via


Required externam programs

The moodbar binary is required for gthe mood-analysis. Future versions might implement the mood-analysis themselves, or at least package it along libmunin.

Your distribution might package it or you can compile it from here:

The moodbar is not strictly required but recommended.

Required Python Modules

All modules are Python3 compatible:

$ sudo pip install -r pip_requirements.txt --use-mirrors

Optional modules and modules useful for Data-Retrieval

$ sudo pip install -r pip_optional_requirements.txt --use-mirrors
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
libmunin-0.05a.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-01-15 77KB