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limix 0.8.0

A flexible and fast mixed model toolbox written in C++/python


## What is LIMIX?

LIMIX is a flexible and efficient linear mixed model library with interfaces to Python.
Limix is currently mainly developed by

Franceso Paolo Casale (
Danilo Horta (
Christoph Lippert (
Oliver Stegle (

## Philosophy

Genomic analyses require flexible models that can be adapted to the needs of the user.
LIMIX is smart about how particular models are fit to safe computational cost.

## Installation:

* Recommended is an installation via pypi.
* pip install limix will work on most systems.
* LIMIX is particular easy to install using the anaconda python distribution:

* If you want to install LIMIX from source you require:
- scipy, numpy, pandas, cython

* Swig:
- swig 2.0 or higher (only required if you need to recompile C++ interfaces)

## How to use LIMIX?
A good starting point is our package Vignettes. These tutorials can are available in this repository:

The main package vignette can also be viewed using the ipython notebook viewer:
Alternative the sources file is available in the separate LIMIX tutorial repository:

## Problems ?
If you want to use LIMIX and encounter any issues, please contact us by email:

## License
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