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linear-tsv 0.0.0

Line-oriented, tab-separated value format

Linear TSV is a line-oriented, portable tabular data format. Tabular data – rows of tuples, each of the same length – is commonly stored as CSV and is the lingua franca of spreadsheets, databases and analysis tools.

CSV is almost but not quite line-oriented, because newlines are quoted, not escaped. In the TSV format presented here, escape codes are used for newlines and tabs in field data, allowing naive filtering with line-oriented shell tools like sort, fgrep and cut to work as expected. In all of its details, the format derives from the TEXT serialization mode of Postgres and MySQL.

Python API

from collections import namedtuple
import sys

import tsv

# Simplest access mode: parse a text stream (strings are okay, too) to a
# generator of lists of strings.
lists = tsv.un(sys.stdin)

# Parse each row as a particular class derived with namedtuple()
class Stats(namedtuple('Stats', ['state', 'city', 'population', 'area'])):

tuples = tsv.un(sys.stdin, Stats)

# Format a collection of rows, getting back a generator of strings, one
# each row. Any parseable type is okay.
strings =
strings =

# Write the rows to a handle:
strings =, sys.stdout)

Format Description

In this format, all records are separated by ASCII newlines (0x0a) and fields within a record are separated with ASCII tab (0x09). It is permitted but discouraged to separate records with \r\n.

To include newlines, tabs, carriage returns and backslashes in field data, the following escape sequences must be used:

  • \n for newline,
  • \t for tab,
  • \r for carriage return,
  • \\ for backslash.

To indicate missing data for a field, the character sequence \N (bytes 0x5c and 0x4e) is used. Note that the N is capitalized. This character sequence is exactly that used by SQL databases to indicate SQL NULL in their tab-separated output mode.

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