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link-py 0.0.3

Your Master Sword for dealing with the Linkedin API

#Link - Your Master Sword for dealing with the LinkedIn API


You can install with

git clone git://
cd link
python install

or you can install with pip
pip install link-py

#Magnets, how do they work?!

Testing this from your interpreter is pretty easy

from link import Link
l = Link(linkedin_key='yourkeygoeshere', linkedin_secret='yoursecretgoeshere')
# get your request token and authorization url
request_token = l.get_request_token()

# now open up request_token['url'] in your browser and authorize your app
# you will be given a verifier with which you can get your access token
access_token = l.get_access_token(yourverfiergoeshere)

#now you can make a request for your profile info

#or maybe you want to get specific fields from your profile
l.get_profile(field_selectors=('id', 'first-name', 'last-name', 'company'))


See a bug and want me to fix it? Create an issue and your wish, is my command(sort of).

#Want to Contribute?
Fork this repo, submit a pull request with your changes and an updated with your name.

Thats it!

Author: Mike Grouchy ([@mgrouchy](
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