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linop 0.8.2

A pythonic abstraction for linear mathematical operators

Package Documentation

This project provides a standalone set of classes to abstract the creation and management of linear operators, to be used as a common basis for the development of advanced mathematical frameworks.

The code base was originally forked from the pykrylov project developed by Dominique Orban. This project has added missing features such as Python 3 support, a comprehensive test suite, bug fixes and feature enhancements.


  • Python 2 (>=2.6) or 3 (>=3.2)
  • NumPy


Using pip / easy_install (recommended):

pip install linop

From the cloned repository or unpacked source distribution:

python install


The package documentation can be found here. The documentation can be built using Sphinx. Within the root location of the source directory, run:

python build_sphinx

The html documentation will be available in doc/build/html.


See the CHANGES.txt file.

Thanks to

A list of contributors to the project is kept updated in the AUTHORS.txt file.


The code source is released under a permissive license. Anyone is welcome to contribute to the improvement of the existing code base.

Please feel free to submit an issue to the bug tracker, clone the repository and submit your changes by pull-request.

The test suite uses nose and can be run with:

python test
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linop-0.8.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-04-07 16KB