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linux-metrics 0.1.4

linux-metrics - System Metrics/Stats Library for Linux

System Metrics/Stats Library for Linux


linux-metrics is a Python package containing modules for getting OS metrics on systems running the Linux kernel. It is a pure python library with no external dependencies.

Basic stats for major subsystems are provided (Processor/CPU, Disk, Memory, Network).

Install from PyPI

  • pip install linux-metrics


  • Python 2.6/2.7/3.1/3.2/3.3/PyPy
  • Linux 2.6+

Example Usage

print number of processes running:

from linux_metrics import cpu_stat

print cpu_stat.procs_running()

print CPU utilization every 5 secs:

>>> from linux_metrics import cpu_stat
>>> while True:
...     cpu_pcts = cpu_stat.cpu_percents(5)
...     print 'cpu utilization: %.2f%%' % (100 - cpu_pcts['idle'])
cpu utilization: 0.70%
cpu utilization: 0.50%
cpu utilization: 24.80%
cpu utilization: 20.89%
cpu utilization: 40.04%


* linux_metrics
  * cpu_stat
    * cpu_times()
    * cpu_percents(sample_duration=1)
    * procs_running()
    * procs_blocked()
    * load_avg()
    * cpu_info()
  * disk_stat
    * disk_busy(device, sample_duration=1)
    * disk_reads_writes(device)
    * disk_usage(path)
    * disk_reads_writes_persec(device, sample_duration=1)
  * mem_stat
    * mem_stats()
  * net_stat
    * rx_tx_bytes(interface)
    * rx_tx_bits(interface)
    * rx_tx_dump(interface)


linux-metrics package contains an example script:

Unit Tests

You can run the included unit tests and verify all cases pass in your environment:

$ nosetests

Note: you may need to adjust the configuration of the unit tests to match your environment. They are set by default to use:

DISK_DEVICE = 'sda1'

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linux-metrics-0.1.4.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-02-12 5KB