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log4tailer 3.0.9

Not just a simple log tailer


This project aims to provide a different approach to traditional log tailers. Amongst other features:

  • Multitailing capability. It can tail multiple logs at a time
  • Colors for every level: warn, info, debug, error and fatal
  • Emphasize multiple targets (log traces) given regular expressions
  • Follow log upon truncation by default
  • User defined colors for each level
  • Silent (daemonized) mode
  • Throttling mode. Slow down the information being printed in the terminal
  • Inactivity log monitoring
  • mail notification
  • Pause Modes freezes output for a limited period of time depending on level found.
  • Analytics. Makes a report of each level found in logs when finished.

Why yet another tailer?

Most people use tail -F to tail the logs these days. When debugging enterprise class applications you cannot just follow (in many situations) what is going on unless you go to the log, less it and check if something was wrong, or just Ctrl-C tail program and scroll back. Human eye cannot distinguish or grab a line out of thousands when that information is showed incredibly fast in the screen. By providing colors, the human eye will discern and quickly identify specific levels or lines.