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logprism 0.1.2

Prism – Colourise log files (with ANSI characters codes)

A command line log colouriser utility.


From Python package index (Pypi):

(sudo) pip install logprism

or from Github:

(sudo) pip install watchdog # optional

git clone

cd prism

(sudo) python install


All dependencies can be installed with pip, usually by:

pip install some-package

Required (automatically handled by pip):

  • ordereddict (if using Python 2.6)

Optional (install manually with pip):

  • watchdog (watch files and directories with the -w option. Recommended for Python 2.x only – doesn’t work with Python 3)

Developers only:

  • pytest (test framework)
  • tox (continuous integration)

Usage examples

Colourise stdin:

tail -f /opt/local/var/log/couchdb/couch.log | prism

Grep some logs for messages with levels:

prism -g /var/log/*.log

Combine with grep command to find just specific levels:

grep -iE ‘(warn|error)’ /var/log/*.log | prism -g

Match multiple log levels per line:

prism -m /var/log/apache2/vhost*log

prism -m <(echo “Dribble me a debug or info lest I notice no create nor alter nor drop of your critical tables.”)

Watch for a whole directory of logs for changes (and new files):

prism -m -w /opt/local/var/log/nginx/

Some programs output normally to stderr, grab that output for prism:

python 2>&1 | prism


Run unit tests:

python test

Run continuous integration with tox (from an activated virtualenv, use tox -r to recreate CI envs):



  • Show some tail lines when using -w: Make a line cache (count total lines with wc -l) from the end of the file using some blocksize.
    1. Can be done with readlines() first. Then seek and read blocksize bytes from len(file)-blocksize and update cache.
    2. Later enable ncurses scrolling for earlier lines?
    3. Show n lines by default (a screenful / filecount?)
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