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logya 2.3

Logya is a static Web site generator written in Python designed to be easy to use and flexible.

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 3.3.0

Logya is a static Web site generator written in Python designed to be easy to use and flexible.

Please see the documentation for more information on how to use logya for creating Web sites.

Logya Source Directory Structure

  • logya all logya source files needed for running
    • ext extension modules
    • sites barebone example Web sites
  • tests

Known issues in 2.1

  • version number in 2 places and logya.version
  • python run_tests raises ImportError: cannot import name TestLogya when both text_extensions and test_writer tests are imported
  • see GitHub Issues


Version 2.2

  • additional indexes as setting in site.cfg indexes=[‘language’, ‘tool’] parse them in docparser, names of indexes should not be used as directory names too ALTERNATIVE specify tags like tools/d3/ which works already, but creates 2 indexes one in tools/ and one in tools/d3/

  • add env var in config to set the evironment, if env is set to dev additional values will be read fom site_dev.cfg and override existing ones

  • make a useful tags index pages

  • make tags dir configurable in site.cfg?

  • minify and merge JS files, make this work in serve mode too!!!
  • Refactor template var setting and getting, fixes are ugly

  • Inform users during generate when doc URL is used more the once

Version 2.3

Further Plans and Ideas

  • Create content and templates for XML and HTML sitemaps in base site
  • Add logya ext create EXTNAME command
  • automatic description generation as parser extension
  • content snippets that are replaced when generating document
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logya-2.3.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-03-20 41KB
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