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longtroll 1.0

Detect long-running processes and notify you when they're done.

*Detect long-running processes and notify you when they're done.*

Using ``longtroll``

``longtroll`` pretty much does what it says on the box. In order to start
detecting long-running processes, run `` bind`` in your shell. From
then on, when a long-running process in that shell finishes, your notification
command will be called.

Before you start using ``longtroll``, you need to create a configuration file.
A sample configuration file can be found in the repository as
``longtrollrc-sample``. Copy this file to ``~/.longtrollrc``, or create your own.
The configuration file takes two options: ``seconds`` and ``notify``, as

seconds 10
notify echo <cmd> (pid <pid>) completed | wall

``seconds`` is the number of seconds that a process has to live before it is
considered "long-running". ``notify`` is a command that will be run when your
process completes. The tokens ``<cmd>`` and ``<pid>`` will automatically be replaced
by the command and the PID of the process that completed.


* Add a `` unbind`` command

* Allow configuration of the poll time

* Some kind of notification method for when a long-running process is detected  
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