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m3u8 0.1.3

Python m3u8 parser

Latest Version: 0.3.5


Python m3u8 parser.


The basic usage is to create a playlist object from uri, file path or directly from a string:

import m3u8

m3u8_obj = m3u8.load('')  # this could also be an absolute filename
print m3u8_obj.segments
print m3u8_obj.target_duration

# if you already have the content as string, use

m3u8_obj = m3u8.loads('#EXTM3U8 ... etc ... ')

Encryption key

The segments may be encrypted, in this case the key attribute will be an object with all the attributes from #EXT-X-KEY:

If no #EXT-X-KEY is found, the key attribute will be None.

Multiple keys is not supported yet (and has a low priority), follow issue 1 for updates.

Variant playlists (variable bitrates)

A playlist can have a list to other playlist files, this is used to represent multiple bitrates videos, and it’s called variant streams. See an example here.

variant_m3u8 = m3u8.loads('#EXTM3U8 ... contains a variant stream ...')
variant_m3u8.is_variant    # in this case will be True

for playlist in variant_m3u8.playlists:

the playlist object used in the for loop above has a few attributes:

  • uri: the url to the stream
  • stream_info: a StreamInfo object (actually a namedtuple) with all the attributes available to #EXT-X-STREAM-INF

NOTE: the following attributes are not implemented yet, follow `issue 4`_ for updates

  • iframe_stream_info: usually None, unless it’s a playlist with I-Frames, in this case it’s also a namedtuple IFrameStreamInfo with all the attribute available to #EXT-X-I-FRAME-STREAM-INF
  • alternative_audios: its an empty list, unless it’s a playlist with Alternative audio, in this case it’s a list with Media objects with all the attributes available to #X-EXT-MEDIA
  • alternative_videos: same as alternative_audios

Running Tests

$ ./runtests


All contribution is welcome! If, and only if, it

  • has tests
  • follows the code conventions

If you plan to implement a new feature or something that will take more than a few minutes, please open an issue to make sure we don’t work on the same thing.

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