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maelstrom-py 0.1.1a

A powerful, model based Cassandra wrapper for Python.

Latest Version: 0.1.5

A model based database library for Apache Cassandra built on top of DataStax Python Driver. This library has tested support for Python 2.7.


Installing through pip is recommended:

$ pip install maelstrom-py

You must have setuptools installed prior to installation. To install the package manually please refer to our installation guide.

Get Started

Example usage of Maelstrom:

from uuid import uuid4
import maelstrom
from maelstrom.base import Base
    from maelstrom.lookup import import LookUp

    #ip1 and ip2 are IP address of some, but not necessarily all, nodes of your Cassandra cluster.
maelstrom.start([ip1, ip2])

class User(Base):

  __tablename__ = "users"

  defaults = {
    'id' = uuid4(),
    'name' = '',
    'email' = '',

  lookups = ["email"]

  def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
    Base.__init__(self, *arks, **kwargs)
    #constructs table in the specified keyspace

new_user = User(name = "Joe", email="")

get_user = Account.get_by_lookup("")





Copyright 2014 Matt Morse, Joe Peacock and contributors

Maelstrom is licensed under the MIT License.

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