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mahotas 0.6.4

Mahotas: Python Image Processing Library

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 1.4.4

Image Processing Library for Python.

It includes a couple of algorithms implemented in C++ for speed while operating in numpy arrays.

Notable algorithms:
  • watershed.
  • convex points calculations.
  • hit & miss. thinning.
  • Zernike & Haralick, LBP, and TAS features.
  • freeimage based numpy image loading (requires freeimage libraries to be installed).
  • Speeded-Up Robust Features (SURF), a form of local features.
  • thresholding.
  • convolution.
  • Sobel edge detection.


This is a simple example of loading a file (called test.jpeg) and calling watershed using above threshold regions as a seed (we use Otsu to define threshold).

import numpy as np
from scipy import ndimage
import mahotas
import pylab

img = mahotas.imread('test.jpeg')
T_otsu = mahotas.thresholding.otsu(img)
seeds,_ = ndimage.label(img > T_otsu)
labeled = mahotas.cwatershed(img.max() - img, seeds)


Recent Changes

For version 0.6.4:

  • Fix bug in cwatershed() when using return_lines=1
  • Fix bug in cwatershed() when using equivalent types for image and markers
  • Move tests to mahotas.tests and include them in distribution
  • Include ChangeLog in distribution
  • Fix compilation on the Mac OS
  • Fix compilation warnings on gcc

For version 0.6.3:

  • Improve mahotas.stretch() function
  • Fix corner case in surf (when determinant was zero)
  • threshold argument in
  • imreadfromblob() & imsavetoblob() functions
  • max_points argument for
  • Add mahotas.labeled.borders function

For version 0.6.2:

Bugfix release:

  • Fix memory leak in _surf
  • More robust searching for freeimage
  • More functions in to retrieve intermediate results
  • Improve compilation on Windows (patches by Christoph Gohlke)

For version 0.6.1:

  • Release the GIL in morphological functions
  • Convolution
  • just_filter option in edge.sobel()
  • mahotas.labeled functions
  • SURF local features

For version 0.6:

  • Improve Local Binary patterns (faster and better interface)
  • Much faster erode() (10x faster)
  • Faster dilate() (2x faster)
  • TAS for 3D images
  • Haralick for 3D images



API Docs:

Mailing List: Use the pythonvision mailing list for questions, bug submissions, etc.

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