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makemymails 0.0.2

Makemymails sms: Add sms sending capability to your web app using android as an sms backend.

Send automated SMS from your web application and android phone

Free web api service provided courtsey: To use this library you have to signup for a free web account on Your makemymails account will generate an API key for you that you can use with this library to send sms that is automatically routed via your android phone.


Installing library

git clone cd makemymails-sms-python sudo python install

Installing android backend and obtaining API key

  • Sign up on Makemymails [1] and note your username somewhere
  • Install Makemymails Android App [2] Enter MMM username you used to register on the makemymails website. (Press “Associate username” button to associate your device with Makemymails web account)
  • Visit [3] This page contains the MMM_API_KEY which can be used with this library. Please note it at a safe place and do not share it with anyone as the key is unique to you.

Steps with illustrations are available in this doc [4]

Sending sms from your python code

You can use import the sendsms function from makemymails after installing this package.

MMM_API_KEY = 'AJK7G5J2KL6JGJU7'    # Your unique Api key.
DEVICE_ID = '18'                    # A unique device id is assigned to each of your
                                    # device associated with your makemymails web account
                                    # You can see devide id for all devices on the api details page on makemymails.
receiver = '9876534210'             # Substitute accordingly.

msg = 'This is a test sms from Makemymails SMS free API'
from makemymails import sendsms

sendsms(send_to=receiver, sms_body=msg, MMM_API_KEY, DEVICE_ID)
# If your phone is connected to the internet when this call is made message is
# sent immediately else it is queued and sent.


  • Android Phone must be connected to internet at all times
  • Sim on the android phone for sending messages.


Warning: Api calls you make cause sms to be sent via your android phone, please make sure you install an sms pack before sending sms.