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marchanddesable 0.2

Turn off your server when you sleep

Turn off your server when you sleep.

What it does

Give it some IPs, and it will call halt five minutes after the given computers have stopped pinging. Except if we are in the middle of the day or if we are disconnected from the internet (because we don’t want the computer to stop just because the network went off).


The easiest way is to just grab the file

If you want to install it, Marchanddesable is on pypi, so this should do the trick :

pip install marchanddesable

Arch users, you can install marchanddesable from AUR.


To halt the current machines 5 minutes after both and stop pinging, put this in your crontab. It will also log to the given file and rotate every night:

* * * * *       /usr/bin/marchand -f /var/log/marchanddesable.log

If you don’t like cron, and think running daemon or programs in screen are better, you can use

marchand -l


These features may or may not be implemented at some point :

  • Play a sound to warn when the machines stopped pinging
  • A way to tell it not to halt the computer tonight without having to disable it
  • A way to change the rules without having to modify the script

If you want any of those, or anything else, give me a shout.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
marchanddesable-0.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-05-18 4KB