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Marionette test automation client

<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public

# Marionette Client

[Marionette]( is a Mozilla project to enable remote automation in Gecko-based projects, including desktop Firefox, mobile Firefox, and Boot-to-Gecko.

It utilizes the [remote-debugger]( inside Gecko for the transport layer of the Marionette server. The commands the Marionette server will eventually implement are based on Selenium's [JSON Wire Protocol](, although not all commands are presently implemented, and additional commands will likely be added.

## Package Files

  • This is the Marionette socket client; it speaks the same socket protocol as the Gecko remote debugger.
  • The Marionette client. This uses to communicate with a server that speaks the Gecko remote debugger protocol. This allows Selenium tests to utilize Marionette.
  • A socket server which mimics the remote debugger in Gecko, and can be used to test pieces of the Marionette client.
  • Tests the Marionette JSON Protocol by using

## Installation

You'll need the ManifestDestiny and MozHttpd packages from Mozbase:

git clone git:// cd mozbase python

Other than that, there are no special requirements.

## Writing and Running Tests Using Marionette

See [Writing Marionette tests](, and [Running Marionette tests](

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