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marlowe_ui 0.2.3

UI program for Marlowe input data file

Latest Version: 0.4.5

version 0.2.3

Julu 1, 2014

Takaaki AOKI (

About Malouwe User Interface

Marlowe User Interface (MUI) is support program for marlowe (a binary collision simulator, to desgin input data.


Distributed packages

installation packages for windows are availabel at

the directory includes several types of package. See Install & Run section.

  • marlowe_ui-(version)-win-amd64.exe

    Windows 64bit standalone

  • marlowe_ui-(version)-win32.exe

    Windows 32bit standalone

Python library and scripts for Unix and Mac are available at PyPI

Source code repository

Source code is maintaned at

Code is managed using mercurial ( So you can access the latest source code set by …

hg clone

Install & Run

For windows, two options are avaliable to setup this program. The second option is also available for unix or mac user.

Option 1: Use standalone package (for Windows)

  1. Download Standalone package

    Download marlowe_ui-(version)-win32.exe, or marlowe_ui-(version)-win-amd64.exe, and run it. Softwares are expanded at appropriate place, such as C:\Program Files\marlowe_ui, and the shortcut is added on the start menu.

  2. Run

    Find and Double-click mui.exe

Option 2: Install as python script and package

The second option is that install marlowe_ui programs as package of python library


MUI version >= 0.1.0 is developed to run on python 3.3.5 (or above). Setup python core program from

Install from source code

Package sources is available at PyPI ( If you have already installed easy_install or pip, run

easy_install marlowe_ui

, or

pip install marlowe_ui

otherwise, download and expand marlowe_ui-(version).zip, and

python install


  • type in command prompt
  • find using explore (i.e. C:\Python33\Script\ and click it.

Usage and current limitation

Fill parameters as you like and push [Save] button.

[Save (& run)]

Save widget contents for both marlowe input data (usually having .dat extension) file and .json format. The .json file can be loaded by [load .json] button.

When parameter file is saved correctly, then a dialog to run marlowe program will pop-up.

[Load .json]

Currently, cannot load marlowe data format yet, but allows to load data file in JSON format created by above [Save (& run)] command.


[validate] button tests widget contents (if a content of widget is not valid the widget turns red) This validation routine also runs before [Save (& run)] action.


Validation does not run automatically. The user should push [Validate] button explicitly to confirm the modification on GUI is correct or not.

Other Buttons

[Set Example] [Dump to Console] [Clear] buttons still remains for debugging.

More Information

Detail information especially for developers are found in marlowe_ui/doc/*

Bugs, issues, discussion for developers

The author is pleased to here bug & issue reports and suggest & request for the software.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
marlowe_ui-0.2.3-py3.3.egg (md5) Python Egg 3.3 2014-07-01 325KB (md5)
built for Windows-7
"dumb" binary any 2014-07-01 362KB (md5) Source 2014-07-01 118KB