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Masai, a framework for processing and modelling of solid state NMR spectra

Masaï, a framework for processing, analysing and modelling of solid state NMR spectra


Masaï is still experimental and under active development. It is not mature nor stable. Its current design is subject to major changes, reorganizations, bugs and crashes!!!.

Should I say? be patient as I expect a fully working version with the upcoming 0.2 stable release.

What is Masaï?

Masaï is a software written in python and partially in fortran.

It (will) provides a general framework for the processing, analysis and modelling of Solid State NMR spectra.

A GUI application allows users to make basic processing and fitting of NMR spectra (for now limited to the Bruker format).

The API should also be accessible to be included in other programs.


For more information, have a look to the (under work!) web pages at

Citing Masaï

When using Masaï for your own work, and before a paper is published on this software, you are kindly requested to cite the program this way:

Christian Fernandez,
masaï: a framework for processing, analysing and modelling of solid state NMR spectra,, version 0.1, ENSICAEN/Université de Caen/CNRS, 2012

Release history

  • v0.2.alpha, 2012-11-29 – This release should be ok for fitting 1D spectra, but have a lot of limitations for processing the spectra.
  • v0.1, 2012-11-24 – initial experimental release
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