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matlab_wrapper 0.8

MATLAB wrapper for Python

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 0.9.8

MATLAB wrapper for Python

Author:Marek Rudnicki
License:GNU General Public License v3 or later (GPLv3+)


matlab_wrapper allows you to use MATLAB in a convenient way in Python. You can call MATLAB functions and access workspace variables directly from your Python scripts and interactive shell. MATLAB session is started in the background and appears as a regular Python module.

matlab_wrapper talks to MATLAB engine library using ctypes, so you do not have to compile anything!

Numerical, logical, struct and cell arrays are supported.



import matlab_wrapper
matlab = matlab_wrapper.MatlabSession()

Low level:

matlab.put('a', 12.3)
matlab.eval('b = a * 2')
b = matlab.get('b')


s = matlab.workspace.sin([0.1, 0.2, 0.3])

sorted,idx = matlab.workspace.sort([3,1,2], nout=2)

matlab.workspace.a = 12.3
b = matlab.workspace.b


  • Python (2.7)
  • Matlab (tested with 2013b)
  • Numpy (1.8)


If you are using matlab_wrapper with MATLAB version and OS not listed below, please let us know and we will update the table.

OS [1] MATLAB Bits [2] Status
GNU/Linux 2013a (8.1) 64 working (py.test OK)
GNU/Linux 2013b (8.2) 64 working (py.test OK)
GNU/Linux 2014a (8.3) 64 only double arrays working [3]
Windows 2014a (8.3) 64 working (py.test OK)
[1]The library should work on OSX with just small changes. Unfortunately, I have no way to test it. If you would like support for OSX, please contact me.
[2]I have tested only 64-bit systems. If you are interested in 32-bit version, please contact me per email or open an issue on GitHub.
[3]Due to bug in engGetVariable.


pip install matlab_wrapper


(last updated on June 17, 2014)

  • pymatlab
    • pure Python, no compilation, using ctypes (good)
    • quite raw (ugly)
    • memory leaks (bad)
  • mlabwrap
    • cool interface, mlab.sin() (good)
    • needs compilation (bad)
    • not much development (bad)
  • mlab
    • similar interface to mlabwrap (good)
    • using raw pipes (hmm)
    • there is another very old package with the same name (ugly)
  • pymatbridge
    • actively developed (good)
    • client-server architecture with ZeroMQ and JSON, complex (ugly)
    • missing basic functions, there’s no put (bad)
    • nice ipython notebook support (good)

Note: There is a nice overview of the available packages at StackOverflow.


matlab_wrapper was forked from pymatlab.


If you find matlab_wrapper useful, please consider making a donation. It will be a great feedback and will further motivate me to improve this software. Thank you in advance.

  • Bitcoin address: 1KwZMQCWJW8VbcmHT2xeMc4wsAeZinLeGe
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