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mcauth 1.0

Django backend for authentication.

django-mcauth is a pluggable authentication back-end that lets your users login with their user/pass.


Authentication against auth servers is not officially endorsed, and may cease to work at any time. Using a fallback authentication backend (like Django’s default) will prevent complete failure if Notch ever decides to lock things down. Also keep in mind that if you run a high traffic site, you may be asked to stop hitting the auth server.


  • Django 1.2+
  • Python 2.6 or 2.7 (I don’t care to officially support 2.5)


Add 'mcauth.backend.MinecraftAuthServerBackend' to your like so:


If you don’t want to create new local Django users when someone logs in with a valid user/pass, but doesn’t already exist in the DB, you can do this in

# Only existing User objects can be authenticated against.


If you have questions or ideas, or encounter bugs, add an entry to our issue tracker.


django-mcauth is licensed under the BSD License.

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