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mds_writing_serialletter 0.1.3

Tryton module to write serial letters for paper-based newsletters

serial letters

  • a Tryton module to write serial letters for paper-based newsletters
  • create a letter-template with placeholders
  • export a Libreoffice-Writer-file or PDF-file from the letter-template, individually for each recipient


pip install mds-writing-serialletter


  • Tryton 3.8
  • mds-party-fieldaddon

How to use

Grant access to serial-letter

  • The group Serial letter - view grants read access to the serial letter.
  • The group Serial letter - edit grants read/write access to the serial letter.
  • The group Party Administration allows the user to create salutations and greetings.

Create some salutations and greetings

In Party/Configuration, open Salutation and create a few salutation, something like ‘Mr.’, ‘Mrs.’, etc. Then open Greetings and create something like ‘Dear’, ‘Hello’, etc.

Create serial letter template

In Writing, open Serial Letter and create a new entry. Enter name and subject. Enter a contact to your serial letter. Insert text and use placeholders to place recipient-specific texts.

The result could look like this:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam
nonumyeirmod tempor invidunt...


Add recipients

Click Recipient and add some recipients. A party can have several addresses, one of these addresses must be marked as a mailing address. Click the button Activate mailing address to mark the first address as the mailing address. For the individual recipients, select the salutations and greetings (double-click the receiver, select und save).


Click the report button to get a LibreOffice-Writer-file from your mailing.


0.1.3 - 06/14/2017

  • updated depency

0.1.2 - 06/07/2017

  • module name changed

0.1.1 - 05/26/2017

  • first public version
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
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