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mdtogh 0.0.4

Transform markdown files into html with styles of github

Latest Version: 0.0.9


Basically, You may want to convert md files into Html looks exactly like github does.

Maybe you would try pandoc, but html it generates looks not very well.

So, I start writing this small tool, inspired by grip


mdtogh can convert your md files into html files like github does with features belows:

  • toc support
  • index.html for your book
  • next/prev files link
  • file regexp to select your md files
  • custom template(still working)
  • offline renderer(still working)


I’ve generate a book written by julycoding: The-Art-Of-Programming-By-July.

Demo link:

You can check on that.


From pypi

$ pip install mdtogh

Also, you can clone repo & install with

$ git clone
$ cd md_to_github_html
$ python install

Maybe you will need add sudo


Generate one or more files

$ cd mdfiles
    $ mdtogh

Generate all md files in current directory

$ cd mdfiles
$ mdtogh

Generate md files in other directory

$ mdtogh ../mdfiles

Generate files with file reg support

$ cd mdfiles
$ mdtogh --file_reg='^\d.+\.md'

Generate files with toc & toc_depth support

$ cd mdfiles
$ mdtogh --toc --toc_depth=2 --file_reg='^\d.+\.md'

Generate files with additional book info

$ cd mdfiles
$ mdtogh --toc --book='book.json'

The format of book.json is given below.

Recommanded options to generate book

$ mdtogh --css --toc --book='book.json' --file_reg='your reg exp'

Recommanded options to generate several files

$ mdtogh

For more options

mdtogh -h

Something You May Notice

As to generate files exactly like github does, the easiest way is to use api if offers. But it has its own limits.

  • 60 for anonymous requests an hour
  • 5000 for requests using Basic Authentication an hour

So, you may using –user & –pass options

$ mdtogh --user='your_github_username' --pass='your login password'

Your info are sended through https which is safe. mdtogh will not save any of it.


    "title": "Demo book",
    "description": "This is a book.",
    "coverimage": "demo.jpg"


mdtogh is still on developing.

Features are developing or will be add later.

  • support recursive options.
  • custom html template
  • add toc in content.html
  • show ratelimit-remaining after generate complete
  • offline renderer


Any help will be appreciated.

  • open issues if you find any questions
  • complete one in TODO list
  • add features you like
  • feel free to open pull request

Change Log

  • 2014/3/4 0.0.3 fix error leads by unicode filename
  • 2014/3/3 0.0.2 add –toc_depth support, fix get_html_name bug
  • 2014/3/1 0.0.1 first release


Special thanks to grip. Without its excellent work, this tool can’t be done.

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mdtogh-0.0.4.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-03-05 9KB