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mediagoblin-hidden_original 0.1.4

Hide original files, show only downsized ones.

This plugin stashes away the original file, and uses a downsized one as the original for mediagoblins purposes. The full size original is available in the media entry field hidden_original.

The hidden original gets a non-guessable path (currently using python’s uuid.uuid4() to generate it). If you’re using SSL, this should keep your original files well hidden.

This plugin is licensed under the GNU APGL v3+.

Currently requires a patched mediagoblin to make it run image preprocessing hooks, check out branch stock of


If you’ve checked out this plugin and mediagoblin in the same parent directory, you should be able to build and install with

../mediagoblin/bin/python build ../mediagoblin/bin/python install


After installing, run the built-in unit tests by invoking python2 test in the root directory. The tests require an installed version of GNU MediaGoblin to be available for importing. If you’ve checked out this plugin and mediagoblin in the same parent directory, you should be able to run

../mediagoblin/bin/python test


  • Functions to re-create the secret urls (mv the file from the old secret url to a new randomly created one). One function for a particular entry, one that does it for all of them.
  • Long term: The hidden original should probably be completely inaccessible by default (in some “private_storage”?); and there should be a function reveal_hidden(entry) which makes the original accessible through some secret url for sharing that original, and another function revoke_revelation(secret_url) to revoke a particular share. One entry should be able to have several such published secret urls, so a user can share with otheruser1 and otheruser2, one url each, and then e.g. revoke the first url without the second one being revoked as well.
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mediagoblin-hidden_original-0.1.4.tar.gz (md5, pgp) Source 2014-01-30 3KB
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