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medialog.galleryviewlet 0.1.8

Adds a viewlet to display a truegallery whereever you want

Latest Version: 0.4.1


This is a product that makes it possible to enable a collective.plonetruegallery on all content.

Warning: it is still i alpha

Change history


I could need some help with this product :)

0.1.17dev (unreleased)

- Still alpha version. Be careful
- template now loads dropdown.js, I don't know why this is not loading from portal_javascripts as it should

0.1.13dev (unreleased)

- Still alpha version. Be careful
- Added alternative profile

0.1.1dev (unreleased)

- First (alpha) version. Be careful

0.1dev (unreleased)

- Package created using zopeskel

To do:
- Try to use vocabulary from trueegallery and a choice widget instead of text line
- Clean up code (remove imports that should not be there)
- Write tests


Nobody yet...
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