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mediawiki-utilities 0.2.0

A set of utilities for extracting and processing MediaWiki data.

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 0.4.18

MediaWiki Utilities is an open source (MIT Licensed) library developed by Aaron Halfaker for extracting and processing data from MediaWiki installations, slave databses and xml dumps.

This library requires Python 3 or later.

A typical usage looks like this:

from mw.api import Session
from mw.lib import reverts

# Gather a page's revisions from the API
api_session = Session("")
revs = api_session.revisions.query(
        properties={'ids', 'sha1'},

# Creates a revsion event iterator
rev_events = ((rev['sha1'], rev) for rev in revs)

# Detect and print reverts
for revert in reverts.detect(rev_events):
        print("{0} reverted back to {1}".format(revert.reverting['revid'],

For more examples, see scripts inside examples/.

Core modules


A set of utilities for interacting with MediaWiki’s web API.

  • Session(…) – Constructs an API session with a MediaWiki installation. Contains convenience methods for accessing prop=revisions, list=usercontribs, meta=siteinfo, and list=recentchanges.

A set of utilities for interacting with MediaWiki’s database.

  • DB(…) – Constructs a mysql database connector with convenience methods for accessing revision, archive, page, user, and recentchanges.

A set of types for working with MediaWiki data.

  • Timestamp(…) – Constructs a robust datatype for dealing with MediaWikis common timestamp formats

A set of utilities for iteratively processing with MediaWiki’s XML database dumps.

  • Iterator(..) – Constructs an iterator over a standard XML dump. Dumps contain site_info and pages. Pages contain metadata and revisions. Revisions contain metadata and text. This is probably why you are here.
  • map(..) – Applies a function to a set of dump files (Iterators) using the multiprocessing module and aggregates the output.



A set of utilities for tracking the persistence of content between revisions

  • State(…) – Constructs an object that represents the current content persistence state of a page. Reports useful details about content when updated.

A set of utilities for performing revert detection

  • Detector(…) – Constructs an identity revert detector that can be updated manually over the history of a page.
  • detect(…) – Detects reverts in a sequence of revision events.

A set of utilities for grouping revisions and other events into sessions

  • Cache(…) – Constructs a cache of recent user actions that can be updated manually in order to detect sessions.
  • cluster(…) – Clusters a sequence of user actions into sessions.

A set of utilities for normalizing and parsing page titles

  • Parser(…) – Constructs a parser with a set of namespaces that can be used to parse and normalize page titles.
  • normalize(…) – Normalizes a page title.
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