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meme 2.0.0

Use the command line to generate memes on


pip install meme

Installs meme command line tool.

To create memes, you need to have an account with


meme -u <username> -p <password> <meme> <line1> <line2>
meme -u <username> -p <password> -s <pattern> <line1> <line2>

In the first form you must provide a valid meme name (which can be determined by running meme -l or meme -s <pattern> with no arguments).

In the second form the script will use the highest scoring character matching the search pattern. Since the search API does not return these pre-sorted, the actual most popular matching meme may not show up in the results – so be specific.

NOTE: You must have a user account to create a meme! (To list popular or search memes you do not need a username and password.)

-h, --help show this help message and exit
-l, --list list popular meme characters (up to 24)
-s PATTERN, --search=PATTERN
 list meme characters matching search pattern (up to 24)
-u USERNAME, --username=USERNAME
 Your memegenerator username
-p PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD
 Your memegenerator password
-v, --version show version


$ meme -u <username> -p <password> Y-U-No "memegenerator" "y u no stay the same"

$ meme -u <username> -s cat "i'm grumpy" "because i miss business cat"

$ meme -s cat

    Name                       Score   Template
    -------------------------  ------  --------
    Grumpy-Cat-1               1166
    I-Should-Buy-A-Boat-Cat    50
    Grumpy-Cat-Santa-Hat       39
    Newspaper-Cat-Realization  32
    Rich-Cat                   16
    Sophisticated-Cat          14
    Grumpy-Cat-Good            12
    Grumpy-Cat-On-Christmas    8
    Angry-Cat-Meme             7
    Tard-The-Grumpy-Cat        6
    Bane-Cat                   5
    No-Cat                     4
    Grumpy-Cat-Happy-Version   3
    Happy-Grumpy-Cat-2         3
    Grumpy-Cat-Face            3
    Grumpy-Face-Cat            3
    Two-Talking-Cats           2
    Thinking-Cat               1
    Good-Grumpy-Cat-2          1
    Grumpy-Cat-                1
    Mr-Angry-Cat               1
    Frowning-Cat               1
    Starcon-2-Vindicator       1
    Conspiracy-Cat             1

$ meme -l

    Name                                   Score   Template
    -------------------------------------  ------  --------
    Philosoraptor                          9548
    Y-U-No                                 9290
    Futurama-Fry                           6388
    Good-Guy-Greg                          5607
    Success-Kid                            4559
    The-Most-Interesting-Man-In-The-World  4013
    Forever-Alone                          3436
    Trollface                              3275
    Socially-Awkward-Penguin               3226
    Insanity-Wolf                          3181
    Joseph-Ducreux                         2661
    One-Does-Not-Simply-A                  2594
    Conspiracy-Keanu                       2320
    Foul-Bachelor-Frog                     2241
    Willywonka                             2172
    Scumbag-Steve                          2088
    Bad-Luck-Brian-Meme                    1990
    Yo-Dawg                                1926
    Annoying-Facebook-Girl                 1770
    First-World-Problems-Ii                1691
    All-The-Things                         1513
    Grumpy-Cat-1                           1166
    I-Dont-Always                          1086
    Sunny-Student                          -1520


  • Use’s new API


  • Added tests and refactored to make testing easier
  • Python 3 compatibility changes


  • Bug fix for variable referenced before being defined. Thanks Brad Montgomery.


  • Bug fix for no matching memes message


  • Add –version option


  • Removed PyQuery requirement


First packaged release.

  • Updated for changes on
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