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metapensiero.recipe.script 1.2

Buildout recipes to execute Python or Shell scripts

This module implements two simple recipes to execute either a shell script (actually batch scripts under M$-Windows) or a Python script.

Both recipes take two options, install and update: both are considered as a list of statements, one per line, that will be written in a temporary file that will be executed respectively when the recipe is installed or updated. One or the other may be missing, and in such case nothing will happen for that particular step.

When the commands to execute depend on the platform, they can be specified using the options install-linux or install-win32 that have higher priority than the generic form.

Shell scripts

The metapensiero.recipe.script:shell recipe is implemented by the ShellScript class, and can be used in the following way:

recipe = metapensiero.recipe.script:shell
ini = config.ini
install = ${buildout:bin-directory}/soladmin create-config ${:ini}

As said, some time the commands to execute depend on the particular platform they are run. In such cases, you can say:

recipe = metapensiero.recipe.script:shell
ini = config.ini
install = ${buildout:bin-directory}/soladmin create-config ${:ini}
install-win32 =
   ${buildout:bin-directory}/soladmin create-config ${:ini}
   echo Configuration created!

Python scripts

The metapensiero.recipe.script:python recipe is implemented by the PythonScript class. It is somewhat more powerful because it can easily access the whole buildout configuration.

Consider the following example:

recipe = metapensiero.recipe.script:python
install =
  >>> import sys
  >>> from os.path import join
  >>> basedir = buildout['buildout']['directory']
  >>> bindir = buildout['buildout']['bin-directory']
  >>> script = join(basedir, 'sol.bat' if sys.platform=='win32' else '')
  >>> config = join(basedir, buildout['config']['ini'])
  >>> with open(script, 'w') as f:
  >>>   if sys.platform == 'win32':
  >>>     f.write('@echo off\n')
  >>>   f.write('%s %s\n' % (join(bindir, 'solserver'), config))
  >>> installed = script

As you can see, the script can access other section settings thru the buildout local variable, a dictionary that contains the whole buildout configuration. Another local variable is options, another dictionary containing the recipe settings.

The script may set the installed variable, that can be either a simple scalar string value or a sequence of strings: it will be used as the result of the recipe, which usually is the list of the files/directories installed by the recipe itself that will be deleted whenever the recipe is removed from the configuration.

Using eggs

If the Python script uses additional eggs, they can be specified with the eggs option, like in the following example:

recipe = metapensiero.recipe.script:python
eggs = metapensiero.extjs.desktop
install =
  >>> from metapensiero.extjs.desktop.scripts.extjs_dl import download_and_extract, URL
  >>> download_and_extract(URL)


1.2 (2014-03-08)

  • Simple test suite
  • Fix return of installed stuff in Python scripts

1.1 (2014-03-08)

  • First release on PyPI

1.0 (2014-03-08)

  • Initial version, extracted from SoLista
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
metapensiero.recipe.script-1.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-03-08 6KB