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metayaml 0.7

Enhancements of yaml format to support include and python expression

Latest Version: 0.16

Mata Yaml is several enhancements for yaml format that allow the following:

  • include one yaml file from another
  • use python expression and other fields in the file as value

Include files syntax

To include one file or files the ‘extend’ key is used. For example:


  - file1.yaml
  - file2.yaml
name: base.yaml
b: overridden_by_base
new: new


a: a
b: b
c: c
name: file1.yaml


a: aa
b: bb
d: d
name: file2.yaml

The order and sequence of file processing is shown in the following table:

Step Action Intermediate dict
1 Read base.yaml and extract extend key
    ["file1.yaml", "file2.yaml"] }
2 Read file1.yaml
   "a": "a",
   "b": "b",
   "c": "c",
   "name": "file1.yaml"
3 Read file2.yaml and merge/override values
   "a": "aa", # overridden
   "b": "b",  # overridden
   "c": "c",
   "d": "d",  # added
   "name": "file2.yaml" # overridden
4 Read rest values from base.yaml and merge/override
   "a": "aa",
   "b": "overridden_by_base",  # overridden
   "c": "c",
   "d": "d",
   "name": "base.yaml" # overridden
   "new": "new" # added

Expression syntax

Metayaml support any python valid expression. For this expression should be enclosed in brackets ${} or $(). The first brackets is used for eager substitute and $() for laze. I.e. expressions in $() are applied after full read file and its include files but ${} during file read.

The access to other values from expression can be done by using dictionary syntax or ‘dash dictionary syntax’.



  - f1.yaml

hour: ${60*60}  # just simple python expression
${2+2}: four  # expression can be in the key
delay: ${hour*2}  # delay is two hour or 7200 seconds
    name: metayaml
    level: debug
    console: false
    name: backend
    level: ${loggers.metayaml.level}
    console: ${loggers.metayaml.console}
  ext: ${loggers.metayaml}  # copy whole dict from loggers.metayaml this key

  incorrect: ${delay} ${loggers.ext}  # In this case string representation of objects will be concatenated


run_interval: $(hour*5)  # 5 hours. But 'hour' is not defined when this file is processed.
                         # Therefore only $() brackets can be used here.


Meta Yaml is in PyPI, so it can be installed directly using:

$ pip install metayaml

Or from BitBucket:

$ git clone
$ cd metayaml
$ python install


Documentation (such that it is) is available at


from metayaml import read
     {'join': os.path.join, # allows get right os specific path in yaml file
      'env': os.environ}  # allows use system environments from yaml file


  - ${join(env["HOME"], ".metayaml", "localconfig.yaml")} # added reading local config from $HOME
user_name: ${env["USER"]}
email: ${user_name + ""}
debug: false


debug: true


MetaYaml is released under a MIT license.

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