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metricfactory 0.2.7

A set of Wishbone modules to consume, process and submit metrics.

Latest Version: 0.2.8


A set of Wishbone modules to build metric processing servers.


MetricFactory uses the WishBone library to build servers which allow you to accept, convert and process metrics from one source and submit them to another destination.

MetricFactory is collection of encoder, decoder and filter modules to build a pipeline of functionality. Besides these modules you will also require one or more Wishbone modules from which allow you to accept and submit the metrics outside of the framework.

Decoders convert metrics into an internal format. Encoders convert them again to a native format.

Using a bootstrap file you select and connect different modules into an event pipeline and start a Metricfactory server from commandline.

For more information see


From Pypi:

$ easy_install metricfactory

From Github:

$ cd metricfactory
$ python install


Have a look at the available modules:

$ metricfactory list –group metricfactory.encoder
$ metricfactory list –group metricfactory.decoder
$ metricfactory list –group metricfactory.test
$ metricfactory list

To start 2 parallel instances of a server in the background:

$ metricfactory start –config /path/to/boostrapfile.yaml –instances 2
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metricfactory-0.2.7.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-04-17 9KB