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metrique 0.2.6-8a

Metrique - Client Libraries

Latest Version: 0.3.2-1

Metrique Client

Author: “Chris Ward” <>



Make sure you have read the `General Install Guide <>`_.

Install metrique:

pip install metrique

To start using metrique, in ipython notebook, for example:

$> ipython notebook --pylab=inline
>>> from metrique import pyclient

Then, to load a new pyclient instance for querying:

>>> m = pyclient(host='')

Ping the server to ensure your connected. If all is well, metriqe server should pong your ping!:


Now you can start exploring what data already exists on the host:

>>> m.list_cubes()
>>> m.list_cube_fields('cube_name_here')

And assuming you have a metriqued host to connect to, with data in already, you can get to work!:

>>> q = m.find('gitrepo_commit', 'author, committer_ts')
>>> q.groupby(['author']).size().plot(kind='barh')
    <matplotlib.axes.AxesSubplot at 0x6f77ad0>

If you plan to extract data (optional), see metriquec to install metriques default cubes.

Known Issues

Import Warnings

When running (eg) from metrique import pyclient for the first time in a session, you might see a warning like:

Module bson was already imported from ...

This warning can be safely ignored. It’s only a warning.


When loading a server instance, if you get an error about loading http_api.json, run metrique-setup

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