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metriqued 0.2.6-9a

Python/MongoDB Information Platform - Server

Latest Version: 0.2.7-1a

Metrique Server

Author: “Chris Ward” <>



Make sure you have read the `General Install Guide <>`_.

Install the following OS stuff installed. The examples given below are fedora rpm package names:

yum install krb5-devel

Make sure you have MongoDB installed. Instructions can be found on the web. For Fedora, for example, see 10-gen installation instructions

A default mongodb.conf file is available here

Launch Mongodb.

Install metriqued with pip:

pip install metriqued

Then, start metriqued by running:

$> metriqued start

Assuming you have 2.7+, you can try running a gitrepo_commit etl job, for example, in ipython:

$> ipython notebook --pylab=inline
>>> from metrique import pyclient
>>> m = pyclient(cube='gitrepo_commit')
>>> m.extract(uri='')
>>> q = m.find('gitrepo_commit', 'author, committer_ts')
>>> q.groupby(['author']).size().plot(kind='barh')
    <matplotlib.axes.AxesSubplot at 0x6f77ad0>

Or you can analyse data from apache’s jenkins instance (or other):

$> ipython notebook --pylab=inline
>>> from metrique import pyclient
>>> m = pyclient(cube='jkns_build')
>>> # Just let it run for a minute, then kill
>>> # it... as a demo.
>>> m.extract(uri='')
>>> builds = m.find(fields='__all__', limit=100)

Known Issues

None at this time

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