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mezzanine-slides 1.1.0

Easily plug a slideshow into your mezzanine website on all pages.

Add simple slide functionality to your Mezzanine based website allowing for beautiful banners at the tops of pages.


  1. Run pip install mezzanine-slides
  2. In add mezzanine_slides to your INSTALLED_APPS above mezzanine apps.
  3. Run createdb or syncdb, if running syncdb run migrate if you are using South.
  4. If you haven't modified your base.html or pages/page.html templates then you can just collecttemplates mezzanine_slides and use the ones I provide. If you've already modified these templates see the Templates section for continued instruction.


Add this to your pages/page.html anywhere as long as it's not inside another block:

{% block slides %}{% include "includes/slides.html" %}{% endblock %}

Add this to base.html where you would like the slides to appear, which is usually between your main content and the navigation:

{% block slides %}{% endblock %}

Now you'll need to include the CSS and JS in your compress areas of your base.html template:

{% compress css %}
<link rel="stylesheet" href="{% static "css/responsiveslides.css" %}">
{% endcompress %}

{% compress js %}
<script src="{% static "js/responsiveslides.min.js" %}"></script>
<script src="{% static "js/responsiveslides-init.js" %}"></script>
{% endcompress %}


Thanks to Viljami Salminen for his great ResponsiveSlides.js plugin.

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