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microdrop 0.1.post736.dev182357543

Microdrop is a graphical user interface for the DropBot Digital Microfluidics control system

Latest Version: 2.0.post115.dev9233482


Microdrop is a graphical user interface for the [DropBot][1] digital microfluidics control system (described in detail in [Fobel et al., Appl. Phys. Lett. 102, 193513 (2013)][2]). If you use this information in work that you publish, please cite as appropriate.

Binary package dependencies

In addition to the package dependencies listed in, the MicroDrop application requires the following Python packages to be installed:

  • matplotlib: Used to plot feedback results, etc.
  • pygst: Used for video-processing in the device view.
  • pygtk: [GTK][3] bindings for user-interface.
  • pyopencv: Used to transform incoming video feed to register the device in the device view to the overlay perspective.
  • pymunk==2.1.0 _(not the latest)_: Used for detecting the electrode corresponding to each click on the device view _(i.e., [collision detection][4])_.

Note that these packages contain binary components that typically prevent them from being installed using easy_install or pip without taking special care to configure the appropriate build environment. However, there are pre-built binary packages available for both Windows and Linux, if you search for them.

[1]: [2]: [3]: [4]:


Ryan Fobel <> Christian Fobel <>

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