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migranto 0.1.4

Simple SQL migration tool for SQLite and PostgreSQL

Latest Version: 0.1.9

# Migranto
Simple SQL migration tool for SQLite and PostgreSQL

## Instalation

pip install migranto

## Migrations

All migrations exist in one directory with names like:


Migranto checks migrations directory and apply sql files to database.
That's it. Simple enough.

## Usage:

`./migranto [-h] --database URL --name NAME --path PATH [--migration N] [--storage NAME] [--verbose]`

* __--help, -h__ — show this help message and exit
* __--database URL, -d URL__ — database url (pgsql://user:password@host:port/dbname or sqlite://path/to/data.base)
* __--name NAME, -n NAME__ — migration set name
* __--path PATH, -p PATH__ — path to migrations dir
* __--migration N, -m N__ — migration step (last migration if omitted, 0 - before first migration)
* __--storage NAME, -s NAME__ — migranto table name for data (default is migranto)
* __--verbose, -v__ — verbose mode  
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