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minimumTFTP 20110917

tftp server and client.

tftp server and client.


  • Python 3.x

Support only RFC 1350. No ascii mode.

basic usage:

>>> import minimumTFTP

server running

>>> tftpServer = minimumTFTP.Server('C:\server_TFTP_Directory')

client running

>>> arg1: server_IP_address
>>> arg2: client_directory
>>> arg3: get or put filename
>>> tftpClient = minimumTFTP.Client(arg1, arg2, arg3)


>>> tftpClient.get()


>>> tftpClient.put()
use python -m:
server runnning
python -m minimumTFTP -s [directory]
client get
python -m minimumTFTP -g [serverIP] [directory] [filename]
client put
python -m minimumTFTP -p [serverIP] [directory] [filename]
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