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mist.client 0.0.1

Python client for

Latest Version: 0.1.1


Python Client for

The MistClient

from mist.client import MistClient

client = MistClient(email="", password="mypassword")

In case you have a custom installation of (see: on how to run on your own server) you could explicitly give another uri for the service:

client = MistClient(mist_uri="http://localhost:8000")

- Supported providers:


[{u'provider': u'bare_metal', u'title': u'Bare Metal Server'},
{u'provider': u'ec2_ap_northeast', u'title': u'EC2 AP NORTHEAST'},
{u'provider': u'ec2_ap_southeast', u'title': u'EC2 AP SOUTHEAST'},
{u'provider': u'ec2_ap_southeast_2', u'title': u'EC2 AP Sydney'},
{u'provider': u'ec2_eu_west', u'title': u'EC2 EU Ireland'},
{u'provider': u'ec2_sa_east', u'title': u'EC2 SA EAST'},
{u'provider': u'ec2_us_east', u'title': u'EC2 US EAST'},
{u'provider': u'ec2_us_west', u'title': u'EC2 US WEST'},
{u'provider': u'ec2_us_west_oregon', u'title': u'EC2 US WEST OREGON'},
{u'provider': u'gce', u'title': u'Google Compute Engine'},
{u'provider': u'nephoscale', u'title': u'NephoScale'},
{u'provider': u'digitalocean', u'title': u'DigitalOcean'},
{u'provider': u'linode', u'title': u'Linode'},
{u'provider': u'openstack', u'title': u'OpenStack'},
{u'provider': u'rackspace:dfw', u'title': u'Rackspace DFW'},
{u'provider': u'rackspace:ord', u'title': u'Rackspace ORD'},
{u'provider': u'rackspace:iad', u'title': u'Rackspace IAD'},
{u'provider': u'rackspace:lon', u'title': u'Rackspace LON'},
{u'provider': u'rackspace:syd', u'title': u'Rackspace AU'},
{u'provider': u'rackspace:hkg', u'title': u'Rackspace HKG'},
{u'provider': u'rackspace_first_gen:us', u'title': u'Rackspace US (OLD)'},
{u'provider': u'rackspace_first_gen:uk', u'title': u'Rackspace UK (OLD)'},
{u'provider': u'softlayer', u'title': u'SoftLayer'},
{u'provider': u'hpcloud:region-a.geo-1',
u'title': u'HP Helion Cloud - US West'},
{u'provider': u'hpcloud:region-b.geo-1',
u'title': u'HP Helion Cloud - US East'},
{u'provider': u'docker', u'title': u'Docker'}]

- List backends


{u'Testeras': Backend => Testeras:D1g9abwqGUmQuZKGGBMfCgw8AUQ}

- Add Backend (e.g. ec2_ap_northeast):

client.add_backend(title="MyBackend", provider="ec2_ap_northeast", key="XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX", secret="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx")

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