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Mistral dashboard

Horizon plugin for Mistral.

Setup Instructions

This instruction assumes that Horizon is already installed and it’s installation folder is <horizon>. Detailed information on how to install Horizon can be found at

The installation folder of Mistral Dashboard will be referred to as <mistral-dashboard>.

The following should get you started:

$ sudo pip install -e <mistral-dashboard>
$ ln -s <mistral-dashboard>/ \

Since Mistral only supports Identity v3, you must ensure that the dashboard points the proper OPENSTACK_KEYSTONE_URL in <horizon>/openstack_dashboard/local/ file:

    "identity": 3,


Also, make sure you have changed OPENSTACK_HOST to point to your Keystone server and check all endpoints are accessible. You may want to change OPENSTACK_ENDPOINT_TYPE to “publicURL” if some of them are not.

Register Mistral service and Mistral endpoints on Keystone (required if Mistral and Horizon dashboard run on a different boxes):

$ MISTRAL_URL="http://[host]:[port]/v1"
$ keystone service-create --name mistral --type workflow
$ keystone endpoint-create --service_id mistral --publicurl $MISTRAL_URL \
  --adminurl $MISTRAL_URL --internalurl $MISTRAL_URL

When you’re ready, you would need to either restart your apache:

$ sudo service apache2 restart

or run the development server (in case you have decided to use local horizon):

$ cd ../horizon/
$ tox -evenv -- python runserver
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