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mls 1.2.2


This simple module implements simple unicode-like object, which can contain multiple language mutation of one string. Actually it’s subclass of unicode type (for python 2k) / string type (for py3k) with few helping methods, that allow you to translate your string to another languages.

Here, I’ll show you some usage examples:

from locale import setlocale, LC_ALL
from mls import mls

setlocale(LC_ALL, "en_US.UTF-8")  # Our system locale will be US english

empty = mls()  # same as unicode, but
print(empty.language)  # with .language attribute containing "en"

s = mls("Hello, world!")
t = s.translate_to("ru_RU", u"Здравствуй, мир!")  # generate new ru-mutation
print(t.language)  # => "ru"
print(t)  # => "Здравствуй, мир!"

x = mls("Ahoj", language="cs")  # czech mutation of "Hi"
x <<= "Nazdar"  # Change translation to another
print(repr(x))  # => "cs'Nazdar'"

a = mls({"en": "Bye", "ru": u"Пока", "cs": u"Čau"})
print(a)  # => "Bye"
b = a.translate_to("ru")
print(b)  # => "Пока"
c = a >> "cs"
print(c)  # => "Čau"

v = mls(en="Vodka", pl=u"Wódka", ru=u"Водка")
print(repr(v >> "pl"))  # => "pl'W\xf3dka'"
print(repr(v >> "fr"))  # => "fr'Vodka'" (no translation to french)

# Also you can use any unicode/str methods
print("world" in s)  # => True
print(s[:5])  # => "Hello"
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