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mmh3 2.3

Python wrapper for MurmurHash (MurmurHash3), a set of fast and robust hash functions.


Python wrapper for MurmurHash (MurmurHash3), a set of fast and robust hash functions.

mmh3 2.3 supports both Python 2.7 and 3.x.


Sample Usage:

>>> import mmh3
>>> mmh3.hash('foo') # 32 bit signed int
>>> mmh3.hash64('foo') # two 64 bit signed ints
(-2129773440516405919, 9128664383759220103)
>>> mmh3.hash128('foo') # 128 bit signed int
>>> mmh3.hash_bytes('foo') # 128 bit value as bytes
>>> mmh3.hash('foo', 42) # uses 42 for its seed

hash64, hash128, and hash_bytes have the third argument for architecture optimization. Use True for x64 and False for x86 (default: True).:

>>> mmh3.hash64('foo', 42, True)
(-840311307571801102, -6739155424061121879)


2.3 (2013-12-08)

  • Add hash128, which returns a 128-bit signed integer.
  • Fix a misplaced operator which could cause memory leak in a rare condition.
  • Fix a malformed value to a Python/C API function which may cause runtime errors in recent Python 3.x versions.

The first two commits are from Derek Wilson. Thanks!

2.2 (2013-03-03)

  • Improve portability to support systems with old gcc (version < 4.4) such as CentOS/RHEL 5.x. (Commit from Micha Gorelick. Thanks!)

2.1 (2013-02-25)

  • Add __version__ constant. Check if it exists when the following revision matters for your application.
  • Incorporate the revision r147, which includes robustness improvement and minor tweaks.

Beware that due to this revision, the result of 32-bit version of 2.1 is NOT the same as that of 2.0. E.g.,:

>>> mmh3.hash('foo') # in mmh3 2.0
>>> mmh3.hash('foo') # in mmh3 2.1

The results of hash64 and hash_bytes remain unchanged. Austin Appleby, the author of Murmurhash, ensured this revision was the final modification to MurmurHash3's results and any future changes would be to improve performance only.


Public Domain


MurmurHash3 was created by Austin Appleby

Modified by Hajime Senuma

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